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Armondo pays attention to what my goals are and my physical limitations. (Watching out for aches and pains.) And yet keeps pushing me to do more and do more better.

Dan K.

I started working with Armando about 6 months ago and in that time I was able to learn so much about how to properly get stronger as well as how to be able to chase the aesthetic side of building muscle. Armando is also a great guy as a whole, easy to talk to and reach out to if anything were to go wrong.

Micah H.

Taking classes with Armando for the last year and 4 months has been wonderful! He is very friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to the customer.

Tracy H.

Armando is amazing! He is able to adapt workout exercises to any kind of problems or injuries. He is extremely encouraging and positive and very knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness. In addition, he connects with his clients and is able to take them from whatever level they are currently functioning at to the next level. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve all aspects of their fitness.

Esther L.

Armando is an amazing trainer. He is the ultimate professional in terms of his knowledge, how he treats his clients, and his ability to adapt workout routines to meet the needs of the client whether in the very moment or when he plans it out. I am a very active senior athlete and have various aches, pains and pulls that he remembers at sessions, and he has the ability to work around them to give me a full workout. He also tracks all progress with precision and communicates what it takes for me to try to set personal records. For me, Armando is perfect. He reads me well, He knows how to push me to the ultimate range of my goals while also being encouraging and adaptable. Bottom line, which I think is most important, is that I have full confidence in his training expertise which enables me to be motivated to perform to my maximum ability. He's a winner and anyone is fortunate to have him as a trainer.

Scott B.

Personal trainer at it's finest! Armando shows his knowledge in every session and is willing to go beyond to ensure I have a custom training plan that fits my need. Since starting with him I am more comfortable at the gym, seeing progress in my goals, and learning more about my mobility and movement.

Val M.

Armando is committed with his clients. l had a great experience working with him - he’s always well prepared for our sessions and his cues/ instructions are clear. He motivates me, encourages, and challenges me during the workout. I have learned with him and I’ve improved my body condition.

Celia L.

I enjoy working with Armando. He is able to demonstrate the exercises with clear instructions. He also is a strong motivator.

Rizza A.