CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CF-L1

Hi everyone and welcome to NOVA Fitness!

My name is Christina (dog lover and FOODIE) and have been a member of NOVA Fitness since May 2016.  

Growing up, I was never into playing sports at school and as an adult, I went to the gym “just because” with no goal or purpose.  I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2010 and I’ll admit that I almost passed out from an 8-min workout.  Though I wasn’t very good at it, I instantly fell in love with the sport but took a long break shortly thereafter.  In 2016, with the itch to start up CrossFit again, I always drove past CFA and would see members working out but felt shy, as well as intimidated, dropping into a new box.  Needless to say, I finally decided to go for a workout and I signed up immediately.  From the coach to the members, everyone was so warm and welcoming, making me feel comfortable, which was extremely important to me.

As a member since 2016, I initially hadn’t thought of becoming a coach.  However, as my love for the sport grew, so did my passion to help others achieve their goals. Unspeakable joy overflows when I see someone get their first pull up.

I became a Level-1 Trainer in August 2019 and alongside this awesome group of coaches, I feel so blessed to be able to help athletes work toward a healthier lifestyle, getting stronger, and faster!

At NOVA Fitness, you’ll discover that we cheer really loud for one another during the workout.  Don’t worry- that’s normal.  You’ll also find that we hang out together, karaoke together, lend a helping hand, give back to the community, and eat together.  Don’t worry- that’s normal, too!  

Whether you’re looking for a new box, visiting from out of town, or trying CrossFit for the first time, come on in.  We’d love to get to know you and workout with you!