CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CF-L1

Hello, CFA squad!  My name is Josh. Some of you may know me as Turkey, but that’s a story for another time. I am one of the newer coaches at the box, obtaining my level 1 cert at the end of July 2019 and started coaching soon after.

It began with a lazy summer Saturday in 2012. My girlfriend (at the time) and I were eating pizza on the couch and stumbled onto the CrossFit games. As we watched in awe at the women competing, I quickly realized they put me to shame. I could probably do a quarter of the movements and not very well at that. A couple days later we found ourselves at CFA for a drop-in/fitness assessment she secretly planned for us. She was in better shape than I and embarrassment was on the horizon for me. Little did I know that a 7 minute burpee and thruster workout would change my life. It ushered me to the CFA culture I’ve been part of ever since. I was 200+ pounds when I joined and now an in the best shape of my life.
NOVA Fitness is a close knit fun community.  I truly believe what sets us apart from other boxes is the family environment. We not only work out as a group, but hangout as a group also. From the owner to the newbies, we are here for each other.