CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CF-L1

Hey CFA crew! My name is Jen Long and I was a member of CFA for 2 years prior to becoming a coach and I am so happy to have joined this awesome group! I started CrossFit in August of 2013 and a few months after we started I got pregnant with our 2nd kiddo. I WOD’d the entire pregnancy up until 4 days overdue and it definitely helped in labor and delivery.

Working out has always been part of my life, I was a competitive swimmer from 4 to 16 and played field hockey through junior high and high school. I did triathlons for 5 years, ran the USMC marathon in 2010 and lifted in the gym. Nothing like CrossFit though!!!

I went into the workforce after college in finance but my life was drastically changed when my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in early 2010. He was given  2 months to 2 years. With the support of my amazing husband (Brent, also a CFA athlete) I quit my job a few days later and decided that I wanted to help people lead healthier, better lives so that hopefully they wouldn’t go down the road my Dad was. I was very lucky and saw my Dad everyday. We walked, exercised, sat through chemo and got to know a lot more about one another. During that time I also became a certified personal trainer and had many successful clients.  We attended the wedding of one of those clients who lost 107 pounds just last year. My Dad passed in 2012 but he is still the voice in my head telling me to work harder and run faster!

Now I am kool-aid drinking CrossFit fool who loves our strong CFA family!  I want everyone who comes to CFA to work hard, get gainzzzz (as coach beastmode would say) and leave with a smile! Every WOD makes us better!