CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CF-L1

Hello Guys, My name is Diego and I’m from Quito, Ecuador – a city between active volcanoes at 10,000 feet. That meant I had to learn to do burpees with a lot less oxygen. I started CrossFit back in 2010 (Yep, back when you could only find 10 CrossFit videos on YouTube – I know, I checked). Starting CrossFit was my first time training at a specific sport, before that I would just play friendly soccer games and run 4-5 days per YEAR!

I immediately fell in love with CrossFit and its training methodology.  It got me into shape quickly and with CrossFit and some running training, I have been able to complete over a dozen ultra marathons. 

I have loved being a CrossFit Coach for the last five years and it is one of my greatest passions. I love everything about CF – the people, the community, seeing others find their next level, the technicalities of movement instruction, and the contagiousness of Crossfit in our community. I am so proud to represent CFA – so pop on by and let us be a part of your health journey!